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All right. Since there's starting to be enough comics up that I'm feeling comfortable doing a bit of marketing, I should probably give some back story.

I have visual distortions. The layman's term is visual snow. It's not really medically recognized. The static in the comic is a bit extreme, but not too different from the visual distortions I experience every waking moment. Sometimes it gets weirder- geometric shapes, figures, and other kinds of oddities come out of the static. It can be frightening at times. It can also be enough to drive a fellow bonkers, assuming he isn't already.

This comic is me fictionalizing my condition. Hopefully I'll be sane enough to finish it! Wish me luck!


All systems clear. We're good to go.

-Rama Lama

Final Revisions

All right. It's about that time. I'll be officially launching on Monday. I'm still playing with the static levels, but I'll just go back and revise as needed. once this train pulls out of the station, I don't intend for it to stop until it reaches its destination. Let's hear it for determination. Yarr.


Hey there. If this is the only message on the news board, it means that I'm still experimenting with the site. It's been a couple of years since I've done this silly webcomic thing, so I'm a bit rusty.

If you stumble across this webcomic while this is the only message up, send me a message or drop me an e-mail at doplegager (at) gmail (dot) com. I have candy.

-Rama Lama

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